tisdag 8 april 2014

Button Rotator

As a bonus to all my visitors who have plugged on my 88x31 plugboard, I have decided to add their buttons to a buttonrotator. Ther buttons will stay on the rotator even if they fall off the plugboard.

I have placed the Button Rotator at the bottom of each page along with the buttonexchanges i belong to. It looks a little bit like this:

If You want your button in the rotation, all You have to do is plug it on my 88x31 plugboard:

Time Banners

söndag 16 mars 2014

Plugboard 88x31

Welcome to plug247!
Plug your site/page at my plugboards. It's a fun and easy way of generating traffic. Not to mention it's absolutely free. But before You plug your site, please read my rules:

1. Wait until your plug has been pushed off the board before plugging again.
2. Buttons for the 88x31 plugboard must be 88x31 pixels in size exactly. Buttons for the 80x15 plugbaord must be 80x15 pixels in size exactly. Buttons for the 468x60 plugboard must be 468x60 pixels in size exactly.
3. Make sure your host allows direct linking.
4. No Porn sites, no 'Free ipod' crap or similar and no sites promoting illegal activity. (or any site I deem as inappropriate)
5. "Chatting" on the Tagboard is not allowed, it is for site promotion only.
6. The Admin reserves the right to remove any plug for any reason, whether stated here or not.
7. Please visit some other plugged sites while you are here. It's how Plug sites work.

Happy pluggin'!